32 questions to ask a wedding planner before hiring them.
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Wedding Planners & Coordinators: 32 Questions To Ask Before Hiring

One of the biggest questions out there in the wedding world is whether or not you need a wedding planner or coordinator.

I firmly say yes, a wedding coordinator is a must. However, in the age of the DIY & internet you don’t truly need a wedding planner.

I can’t believe I admitted that as I’m an event planner myself. But it’s true.

Now, are you confused because I said yes & no?

Understandable. But it’s because there’s a difference between a wedding planner & a wedding coordinator.

Wedding Planner vs Wedding Coordinator

We’ll go more in depth here in a moment but let’s start with the simple answer. A wedding planner takes charge of your wedding from planner until your reception ends. A wedding coordinator is usually on there the day of your ceremony & reception.

Wedding Planner

It’s ridiculously easily to get swept up in looking at Pinterest, & wedding magazines & sites. So much so that you may get overwhelmed with the to do’s & the options.

If you want someone to guide you through your entire wedding planning process then you want a wedding planner.

Or if you don’t want to worry about choosing vendors or florists then a planner is what you want. After your initial meeting where you’ll discuss themes, budget, & details the planner will then take over the planning of your big day.

Then on the actual wedding day they will oversee everything from beginning to end.

*Side Note: Your wedding planner doesn’t have the final say on your wedding details. The final say is yours. If you’re torn on certain decisions, ask them. They’re experienced in the wedding field & know what works & what may not.

Wedding Coordinator

You’ve been looking forward to your wedding for months. Maybe even longer. So On the day of your wedding the last thing you want to worry about is bringing it all together.

That’s where your wedding coordinator comes in to play. They make sure vendors arrive on time, all decorations are set up, the ceremony & reception flows seamlessly.

Wedding coordinators are generally contracted to come in between 14-30 days before your wedding.

32 questions that you must ask a wedding coordinator at your first meeting

Questions To Ask A Wedding Planner

Before contacting a coordinator or planner, it’s important to talk to your venue. Many of them either have a planner on site or have a list of preferred planners.

  1. Do you have my date open?
  2. Do you see there being any conflicts with my wedding date? Such as weather or city events that would interfere with guest bookings?
  3. How long have you been a wedding planner/coordinator? What made you decide to become a planner/coordinator?
  4. Do you have liability insurance?
  5. What type of planning do you provide? Full service (design, logistics, implement), Partial service, or day of coordination.
  6. What is your pricing based on? Flat rate, hourly, or percentage of our budget.
  7. How much of a deposit is required?
  8. When is the final payment due?
  9. What is your refund or cancellation policy?
  10. When will we receive the contract?
  11. As things change will the contract & fees change?
  12. How would you rate your problem solving skills?
  13. What is your preferred method of communication? Email, phone, text.
  14. What’s the most difficult situation you’ve encountered during a wedding?
  15. How many clients do you take on a year?
  16. How many weddings do you have the month of my wedding?
  17. Have you ever worked with our venue? If you haven’t picked a venue ask, which wedding venues they have worked with.
  18. Do you have your own list of preferred vendors?
  19. Can I book my own vendors or do I have to hire based on your preferred list?
  20. Will you be present at all vendor meetings?
  21. Will you be assisting us with reviewing vendor contracts?
  22. Are you able to handle issues that may arise with the vendors before the wedding & on the day of or will we be responsible?
  23. How do you handle vendor payments? Can you invoice us the amount per vendor & then you pay the vendors or do we pay them directly?
  24. Will you be present on the day of the wedding or will one of your assistants be handling everything?
  25. How many assistants, if any, will there be on site?
  26. Do you handle all setup up the ceremony & reception sites?
  27. What time will you are & depart on the day of the wedding?
  28. If an emergency arises & you can’t make it to the wedding, what is your backup plan? Is there someone who can cover for you?
  29. Is the wedding rehearsal included in your fees?
  30. Will you direct the wedding rehearsal?
  31. Do you have any add on services? Such as, rehearsal dinner, honeymoon planning, wedding brunches.
  32. Do you help with finding wedding attire & accessories?

After asking the questions you want to make sure that,

  • You have enough money in your budget for the planner.
  • You felt comfortable with them.
  • Your thoughts were heard & questions answered.

Just like buying shoes, you can shop around until you find the right person. Not everyone will mesh well with you & your fiancé.

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32 important questions that you must ask wedding planners before hiring them.