14 wedding invitation questions every couple needs to know.
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Wedding Invitation Etiquette: 14 Answers You Must Know

One of the first things that people see regarding your wedding are usually the invitations.

Wedding invitations seem to cause a bit of stress on you. Especially if you’ve never had to deal with them before.

The invites give your guests all the important information that they’ll need to know surrounding your big day.

And There are so many questions that you’ll need answered for yourself as well.

I’ve taken some of the headache away & compiled answers to 14 Wedding Invitation questions.

Do you need to send save the date cards?

Save the date cards are completely optional. If you have a lot of out town guests coming then I suggest sending them out so that they can start making travel plans.

You can also tell people by word of mouth. Or a fun e-card.

When to send save the date cards?

Most save the date cards get sent out between 6 to eight months before the wedding.

Can you make your own invitations?

You sure can! In fact DIY wedding invitations are very easy to make & can save you money on your overall wedding budget.

When to send wedding invitations?

Traditionally most wedding invitations go out 8 weeks before your wedding.

If you’re planning a destination wedding then you will need to send invitations out even sooner. I suggest at least 12 weeks in advance. That will allow your guests time to make travel arrangements.

When Do RSVP’s Need To Be In?

Generally rsvp dates should be set to three weeks before your big day. Making sure you get all rsvp’s back is essential. You need them in order to give final head counts to your caterer & your venue for seating.

If you find that people still haven’t responded by your rsvp date, it’s ok to call them & ask if they’ll be attending.

The last thing you want to worry about is not having enough food or seating for people. Or to have empty chairs sitting around.

What should be included on a wedding RSVP card?

Each rsvp card should include:

  • A “RSVP by” date
  • A line for your guest to write their name
  • A space for selecting if they be attending.
  • A space for their plus one’s name
  • A space for your guest to decline attendance.

If you are having a formal sit down dinner then you can place the meal options at the bottom of the card. Then leave a space beside each option & state for your guests to choose 1 option.

Don’t forget to include an rsvp envelope with the return address & stamp already on it. This will make it much easier for your guests to respond.

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How do I address no children at a wedding?

It’s becoming more & more common not to have children at a wedding. In order to address this simply make sure that your invitations are very specific. Such as “ Mr & Mrs Michael Lewis”. Not “The Lewis Family”.

If they rsvp & you notice their children’s name then simply call them & let them know that you’re having an adult only wedding.

You can also provide a babysitter for the families who need to bring their children.

What to include in a wedding invitation?

Invitations need to be as specific as possible. That way your guests have all the information that they’ll need up front. This will help the flow of things on your actual wedding day. As a majority of guests actually carry their invitations with them.

On your invitation be sure to include:

  • Ceremony date
  • Ceremony time
  • Ceremony location
  • If there is a reception to follow & wear

You can also provide a separate insert within your invitation set that includes available accommodations in the area & directions or parking.

Do I need a wedding website?

Eh, not technically. However, wedding websites are a great way to give your guests more information.

Let them know how you met, about your wedding party, accommodation information, any other important details.

You can let people know of your wedding website on your save the dates or by word of mouth.

How do I inform guests about gift registries?

When it comes to wedding registries it’s still a bit taboo to include it on your invitations. Some people feel as though you’re asking people to buy you something by putting it directly on invites. Instead you have 3 options.

Option 1: include the registry information on your wedding website.

Option 2: Spread the word through your family & friends as to where you’re registered.

Option 3: If you want you can still include the info in your invitation set. Just not on the actual invite. Instead place the information on a separate smaller piece of paper.

How do I tell guests about the dress code?

Adding a simple phrase to the bottom of your invitation is all that you really need to let your guests know what to wear.

Uses phrases like “black tie affair” or “casual attire”.

Is it ok to invite people only to the ceremony & not the reception?

No. When you invite someone to your wedding that includes both ceremony & reception.

Whose name goes first when addressing an invitation?

Traditionally you will wrote the males name first. For example: Mr. & Mrs. Micheal Lewis.

If they are bringing an unknown guest you would write, “Mr. Michael Lewis & Guest”.

If you’re inviting an entire family you can write it 1 of the 2 following ways.

The Lewis Family


Mr. & Mrs. Michael Lewis

Megan, John, & Matthew

In this format, the adults are named first with their kids’ names in the line underneath.

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14 need to know wedding invitation facts.