33 awesome slumber party ideas for kids & teens
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33 Fun Slumber Party Ideas For Kids & Teens

Slumber parties are one of those things that are on every kid, tween, or teen’s checklist at some point.

And while they’re super fun for them, it’s a lot of pressure on you to organize it all.

There’s food, decorations, & entertainment to worry about.

Don’t fret though. I’ve got you covered for everything that you’ll need to throw an awesome slumber party!!

There’s ideas here for boys & girls in every age range.

Slumber Party Ideas

Slumber Party Entertainment

Slumber Party Food

Slumber Party Ideas

Did you know that if you had a party theme it makes your planning so much easier?

Once you have a theme you’ll know specifically how to decorate, add some specific games, & coordinate invites.

Doesn’t that sound better than struggling to piece stuff together?


This can be done indoors or outdoors. If you already have tents or sleeping bags then you can set up outside for a night under the stars.

If not, no worries. Setup a camping area in your living room. Build one giant fort or have the kids each make their own from sheets. 

Be sure not to forget the s’mores. No camping trip is complete without them.

33 sleepover ideas for kids & teens

Movie Night

Nothing says slumber party like a movie night. But you can spice it up with just a few simple touches.

Like having the kids design their own drive in cars make from cardboard boxes.

Or setting up a fort around the TV with Christmas lights.

Spa Night

Everyone likes to be pampered everyone & then. Kids & teens too.

Have a pampering spa night. You can:

  • Paint nails
  • Braid hair
  • Use hair chalk
  • Have a chair massage station
  • Make DIY face masks

Princess Palace

Princesses are always a hit with the girls. For this party, have your guests come dressed as their favorite princess.

Then fill the night with princess movies & stories, tiara crafts, wand crafts, & don’t forget the royal ball.

Dragons & Knights

Now the chance for your boy & his friends to protect the castle.

For this slumber party you can Supplies knight crafts to the kids, make giant dragons, & build forts from large boxes.

Tea Party

Who says a tea party has to be during the day?

Set the table for a full blown tea party slumber party.

These awesome ideas are sure to make your next slumber party a hit!

Pancakes & Pajamas

Breakfast for dinner is always a win in my book. And this is an easy theme to do. Especially for teens.

Set up a pancake bar with all of the toppings that you can think of. Then send the guests in to enjoy them in their pjs.


When Glamorous meets camping you get glamping.

This isn’t your usual roughing it on the ground in a tent type of camping. Glamping usually involves beds in a tent, makeovers, sparkling lights, & real bedding & furniture.


Character parties can also be turned into a slumber party theme.

It doesn’t matter if your kid is into Pokémon, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Paw Patrol, or Unicorns.

It can all work as a theme.

Hotel Party

Hotel slumber parties are a great way to have a blast & not worry about clean up.

Book a hotel room for 1 night. Then you can:

  • order pizza in,
  • go for a swim in the pool
  • Paint nails
  • watch a movie

In the morning, you’ll have breakfast at the hotel. Then pack up & leave.

Slumber Party Entertainment


It’s something about slime that’s always a hit with kids. Spice it up by adding things like glitter or confetti to your slime.

The best activities to do at sleepovers.

DIY Bouncy Balls

Bouncy balls are fun but making you’re own is super fun!

This tutorial from Sasha at Life’s Carosuel is an easy way to make balls that really work.

Minute To Win It Games

Do several of quick minute to win games. They’re fun & hilarious.

Make Bracelets

Friendship bracelets are still around & still fun to make.

Set up a bracelet station filled with string & a variety of beads.

Pillow Fight

You just can’t have a slumber party without a pillow fight. Just make sure you keep an eye out for those moments that it gets to be too much.

Balloon Volleyball

Use streamers or string to make a “net” across your room.

Then blow up a balloon for indoor balloon volleyball.

Selfie Station

Selfies have become a huge trend over the last several years. Which makes them a must at any party.

Set up a photo booth or get a selfie stick for some photo fun!

Bowling With A Twist

Turn the lights out & play a round of bowling with glow in the dark bowling pins.

All you need is empty clear bottles & some glow sticks.

Glow Party

Have a glow in the dark dance party. Add a black light lamp (or light bulb) to the room & grab some glow sticks & turn up the music.

33 Slumber party ideas for teens & kids

Game Night

Board games are simple activities to set up & play. But that doesn’t limit the fun you can have with them.

Personalized Pillow Cases

Grab some fabric markers & iron on decals to make personalized pillow cases.

It’ll not only keep them entertainment but it’s an awesome way for them to remember the party even years later.


Using streamers or string, create a maze in your hallway for your kids’ to go through.

Scavenger Hunt

Before the party set up a scavenger hunt with clues spread out everywhere.

When the time comes, break the group up into teams & give them a starting clue.

Activity Balloon Pop

Instead of announcing which activity is next, put it inside of a balloon. Then write the time on the inside of the balloon.

When the clock strikes that time pop the balloon to reveal the activity.

Toss & Talk

Using a beach ball & permanent markers, write questions on it.

Then have your party guests toss it around. When someone catches it. They must answer the question closest to their thumb.

Activity ideas for kid slumber parties.

Glow In The Dark Bubbles

These bubbles from Growing A Jeweled Rose are amazing. Everyone loves bubbles, but adding a glow element to it knocks it out of the park.

Giant Tic Tac Toe

Have a blast with a twist on this classic game. Make a giant tic tac toe board using just painters tape, paper plates, & a pen.

Using painters tape to make the board on the floor. Mark x’s & o’s on paper plates as the game pieces.

Tip: To avoid messing up your floors, only use painters tape.

Slumber Party Food

Every party needs food. Including a slumber party.

Popcorn Bar

Popcorn bars work really well when combined with movie night.

Pop (lots) of popcorn & then put out a variety of mix ins.

Waffle Bar

Make breakfast the next morning easy with a waffle bar.

Related: The ultimate list of party food bars

Make Your Own Pizza

Because kids need to eat real food too, why not make it into a fun activity?

Set out a mini pizza dough for each guest & a variety of toppings. Let them each make their own pizza.

All you have to do is pop it in the oven.

Slumber party food ideas for kids.

Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is simply comforting delicious goodness.

Complete the night (before brushing teeth) with a cup of hot chocolate.

Dirt Pudding

This pudding is creepy yet delicious.

All you need is Oreos, chocolate pudding, & gummy worms. Then you simply layer it all together.

First you add the pudding then top it with crushed Oreos then mix in your worms & enjoy!


Turn this night snack into a full blown activity. Grab some cookies & have the kids decorate them.

To decorate you can use,

  • Icing
  • Sprinkles
  • Icing pens
  • Chocolate

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