14 amazing ways to save money on wedding flowers
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14 Incredibly Easy Ways To Save Money On Wedding Flowers

There’s so much that goes into wedding planning. Including shopping around for flowers.

On average, paying for a florist can take up 20% of your wedding budget. Sometimes more.

That completely hurts my feelings.

Especially when they’ll just be wilting soon after the wedding. Unless you plan on preserving your flowers.

It doesn’t matter if your trying to have a wedding on a budget or if you just need a small amount of flowers.

The cost adds up.

But there are ways around that. Below are 14 tips to saving money on your wedding flowers.

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Set A Budget

In order to save you have to have a set budget.

Know what you can & can’t afford. That way you can understand where you need to cut.

While we’re talking about it’s important for you to write down all pricing that you come across along with vendors.

This allows you to compare prices & remember who had the best deal.

Talk To Your Florist

If you’re going the route of using a florist, then one of the biggest money saving tips is to talk to them.

I don’t mean casual “hey how’s it going”.

Tell them what your ideas are. Let them know your budget & limits.

Great florists are able to help you create beautiful flower arrangements within your budget.

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Use Paper Flowers

The paper flower trend is on the rise. They’re affordable, easy to make, & last a lot longer than live flowers.

For my wedding, I made giant paper flowers from crepe paper for myself & my bridesmaids to carry. 

You can also make giant paper flowers as wedding backdrops.

Or, if you’re not in the mood to DIY it, of course there’s Etsy.

14 creative ways to save money on your wedding flowers

Add Fillers

One of the biggest misconceptions about wedding flowers is that you actually need to use flowers.

Centerpieces, bouquets, & decor can include some flowering buds but you can save money by using fillers.

Here are some great filler ideas:

  • Pine cones
  • Berries
  • Greenery
  • Filler flowers like baby’s breath

Shop The Farmers Market

If there’s a farmer’s market in your area then you’ve hit the flower gold mine.

The farmer’s that sell flowers there often sell bouquets for $20 or less. When compared with the average $450 per bouquet that most bouquets cost, that’s a huge saving!

Be sure to visit the market well in advance of your wedding to see if they can fit your needs.

Note: Flowers from the farmer market are usually only available in the warmer months.

Repurpose Your Flowers

Instead of purchasing floral centerpieces for every table at your reception re-purpose your bridal party flowers.

Decorate your tables as normal & add an empty vase on it filled with water.

Once the wedding ceremony is over & the pictures are taken, place the bouquets in the empty vases.

Voila! Now you have flowers on the table & you’ve saved money!

14 amazing ways to save money on your wedding flowers

Go Big & Keep It Small

In this case, it’s not an oxymoron for something to be big & small.

Choose flowers that create a big bloom such as a Casablanca Lilly or a Peony.

Because they’re so big you’ll need a smaller amount of them.

So a bouquet of 3-4 flowers can look just as full as a bouquet filled with smaller flowers.

Your bridesmaids can even carry 1 single stem big flower.

Stay Seasonal

Sticking to flowers that are only in season will drastically save your wallet.

When flowers are in season they’re easier to get so your florists won’t have to special order them.

You can check out the big list of flowers that are available by season here.

Stay Open-Minded

Keep an open mind to different variations of a cheaper flower.

I used to think that carnations were just a cheap filler flower.

However, once I saw the number of variety carnations can be I was proven wrong.

They’re beautiful!

So don’t say no automatically to a flower that you think you don’t like. Look at all of your options.

Limit Variety

You don’t have to have a bouquet filled with 20 different types of flowers.

Instead, stick with 1-2 types of flowers. This means the florist can buy in bulk. Which of course means it’s cheaper.

Use Non-Florals

Who says that bouquets & centerpieces have to be flowers?

Tradition, yes. But, the heck with tradition.

Save money while making your bouquets truly unique.

Instead, try a jeweled bouquet. Or even a bouquet that’s all greenery.

Use Succulents

For table centerpieces try unpotted succulents. You can even use them as accent decorations.

If you want a bit more color, you can spray paint the succulents.

14 hacks to save money on wedding flowers

Make Your Own Boutonnieres

Boutonnieres don’t always have to be professionally made. It’s an easy DIY.

To make them you’ll need a few supplies. Your main flower & possible embellishments, ribbon/twine, & a clothespin.

Now to put it all together. Simply tie the flower & embellishments together using the ribbon. Then add your pin.


Going the greenery route is one of the best ways to save money on your wedding flowers.

It’s much cheaper to have a bouquet made up of greenery than buds.

For your centerpieces go the simple route & circle your main centerpiece with wreaths or garland.

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14 creative ways to save money on your wedding flowers