8 ideas to up-cycle your wedding dress after the wedding.
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8 Ideas To Re-Purpose Your Wedding Gown After The Wedding

You spent countless hours searching for the perfect wedding dress for your wedding. Now that you’re married it’s sitting in your closet taking up space.

Yes, you can preserve your dress. But after spending so much on a wedding, who really wants to spend another few hundred dollars for a box. I know I refused to.

Below are 8 awesome ways to re-purpose your wedding dress after the wedding.

Sell Your Wedding Dress 8 ways to re-purpose your wedding dress.

You can sell your wedding gown & earn some extra cash. Check your local thrift stores or wedding gown boutiques to see if they will either buy or consign your gown. Or you can sell it online with sites like,

Be sure to check the policies before trying to sell your wedding gown online. Some sites have certain gown restrictions.

From Wedding Dress To Kid’s Dress Up

Turn your gown into a dress up item if you have a daughter. Most girls love dress up & how cool would it be to pretend to be mommy!

Add to the fun & have a photo shoot with your daughter.

Create A Christmas Tree Skirt

Recycle your wedding dress & turn it into a Christmas trees skirt. If you can sow or know somebody who does, turn your gown into a beautiful & unique Christmas tree skirt.

Donate Your Gown

There are quite a few companies that will take your used wedding gown & put it to good use.

Brides Across America -This organization provides military brides with free wedding gowns.

Adorned in Grace -This awesome organization uses its proceeds to raise awareness & prevention of sex trafficking & its victims.

Brides Against Breast Cancer -This organization re-sells your wedding gown & then donates the proceeds to breast cancer charities.

Design A New Dress Discover 8 awesome ways to reuse your wedding gown.

Alter your wedding gown into a different dress & wear it again. You can shorten the length, add or remove sleeves, or even dye it another color.

Re-purpose Your Wedding Dress

It’s easier than you think to re-purpose your wedding gown into either accessories for you to wear or home decor.

There are many sites, like Etsy, that will work with you to create custom items from your wedding dress.

When thinking of what you could turn your dress into, think outside of the box. Try:

  • Lockets
  • Earrings
  • A purse
  • A garter
  • Lingere
  • Headbands
  • Wall art
  • Throw pillows for your couch or bed
  • A shadow box filled with parts of your wedding gown, invitations, & special notes.

Save It For Future Generations

You can save your wedding dress to pass onto your daughter, future daughter in law, or even grandchild but the odds are slim of them truly wanting to wear your exact dress.

If future generations don’t want to wear your gown, its ok. Think outside of the box. The dress can be incorporated as part of the veil, a garter, tablecloth, or a bouquet wrap for the bride & bridesmaids.

Another option is to turn your dress into a christening gown, bonnet, headband, or even little shoes. If you know of someone who can sow, have them create these items for you. Or you can also have them made from Etsy.

Photo Shoot Want to get rid of your wedding dress? Read on to find 8 awesome things to do with your wedding dress.

You’ve probably heard of trash the dress photo shoots.

No? Well, it’s a photo shoot where you essentially trash your wedding dress. Either by jumping in water, playing in paint, or any other fun idea that you can come up with.

However, if you can’t imagine completely ruining your gown, you can do a regular photo shoot.

If you had a winter wedding, switch it up & take spring pictures. Get a group of friends together & have everyone wear their gowns. Or have another photo shoot with your hubby on a special anniversary.

Remember, you spent countless hours & a lot of money on your wedding gown. No matter what you decide to with it, make it into another special memory for yourself or for someone else.

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8 unique ways to get more use out of your wedding gown after the wedding.