Keep your wedding bouquets forever with a few different techniques that can easily be done at home
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Wedding Bouquets: 4 Of The Best Ways To Preserve Flowers

You’ve spent countless hours planning your wedding day. It all seems to go by so fast.

Don’t you wish you could keep hold of some of that beauty forever?

Welp you can. You can repurpose your wedding dress into things like pillows & Christmas tree skirts.

And you can save your wedding flowers. They don’t have to go in the trash after your wedding day!

What Can You Do With Preserved Flowers?

You love the idea of keeping your wedding flowers forever. But what in the world do you do with them?

You can be very creative with your flowers. Here are some ideas to get you started.

  • Frame them
  • Place them in vases as decor
  • Showcase the flowers in a shadow box
  • Turn them into paperweights or letters
  • Create pieces of jewelry
  • Floral Lanterns
  • Add them to Ornaments

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Tips For Preserving Your Wedding Bouquet

Plan Ahead

If you know that you want to preserve your bouquet, you need to decide a few things before the wedding.

First, decide on how you want to preserve it. Whether it’s a DIY method or a professional service.

Second, if you’re going on a honeymoon right after the wedding you need to find a person to handle your bouquet.

If it’s going to a professional then whoever you choose will need to make sure your bouquet gets to them.

Or if it’s a DIY method then they will need to start the process as soon as possible.

For best results, wedding bouquets should start the preserving process within 1-2 days. I’ve seen them do well at 3&4 days but at that point & after you’re risking the color & wilting.

Lastly, think about if you’ll be doing a bouquet toss. If you are, then consider buying a less expensive toss bouquet.

You will want to handle your bouquet as gently as possible on your wedding day to avoid the petals getting all messed up.

And tossing it into a crowd of women who are trying to grab it will do just that.

Price Your Options

Preserving your bouquet can range from being free to $900. Sometimes more than that.

Be sure to truly look at all of your options & take your budget into consideration.

Remember It Takes Time

The process of preserving flowers takes time. Anywhere between a week & (gasp) 9 months.

I’m not over exaggerating either. Some companies take that long to get your flowers back to you.

So you’ll want to check with them before committing.

Ask The Florist

If you’re not sure what you want to do with your flowers ask your florist.

Many florists can also do preservation. If they don’t then they can help you decide on which method works best for your bouquet.

Professional Flower Preservation

There are local preservation professionals in most areas. So you can Google to see what’s around you.

Or you can ship it to an outside vendor.

Here are some highly ranked professionals that you can use.

Keepsake Florals 


Pressed Garden

Freeze Frame It

How to easily preserve your wedding flowers

DIY Preserving Wedding Flowers

Air Dry

This may be my favorite technique of them all.


Because it’s free & you can literally leave it & forget it.

Simply hang your flowers upside down in a dark area.

If you have a coat closet hang it from a hanger with string in the back corner.

Then leave it there for a few weeks.

Sadly, there are 2 drawbacks to using the air dry method.

  1. The flowers will lose their color & have more of a brownish appearance.
  2. Air drying can take a long time. Depending on where you hang it & the types of flowers it can take up to 6 weeks.

Pressing Flowers

Pressed flowers are the flattened flowers that you normally see in frames.

In order to press flowers, you only need 4 Supplies. All 4 you probably already have lying around the house.

Parchment paper, heavy books & heavy items, & of course your flowers!

How great is that?

To put it all together open a book in the middle. Then place parchment paper on both sides of the both.

This stops the ink from bleeding onto your petals. I’ve also tried it with wax paper & it doesn’t work as well.

Add your flowers & close the book.

Place your heavy items on top & walk away.

Pressed flowers take about 7-10 days to dry & be ready.

Learn how to easily preserve your wedding flowers

Silica Gel 

The name is misleading. Silica gel is actually more of a sand instead of a gel. But it beautifully preserves your flowers & their color.

To use silica gel you will need a large tote or another airtight box with a lid, the silica gel, & your flowers.

Fill the bottom of the tote with the gel then gently place your flowers in it.

Carefully cover the flowers with the rest of the gel. Be mindful not to bend your petals or mishap the flowers at all.

If you do they’ll dry just like that & turn out looking wonky.

Place the lid on tight & you’re done. It takes about a week for the gel to preserve the flowers.

When you’re done seal it with hairspray or a preserving spray.

Epoxy Resin

You know those clear glass like paperweights & shape that have flowers in them?

That’s epoxy resin!

Don’t freak out thinking that you’ll never be able to do it. You can.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3. Except it’s 5 steps instead of these.

Once you choose a mold design & grab your epoxy resin you can get started.

Fill your mold halfway with the resin. Then carefully place your flowers in.

Fill it the rest of the way until it reaches the top of the mold.

Now all you have to do is wait until it’s dry. Be sure to follow the drying times on your jar. As brand & mold shape can alter drying times.

How will you decide to preserve your wedding flowers?

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