The best games to play at a gender reveal party
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7 Truly Fun Games To Play At A Gender Reveal Party

Gender reveal parties are a super creative way to find out the gender of your baby.

Unlike traditional baby showers, gender reveals are usually co-ed parties. So you want to make sure that you have some fun for everyone.

No party is complete without party game. And gender reveal parties are no different.

All of these games are not only fun but they help to gear everybody up for the big reveal!

One of the great things about some of the games listed below is that they don’t have to wait to be played. Your guests can play then while waiting for others to arrive or between the mingling.

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7 amazingly fun gender reveal party games

Old Wives Tales

Test their knowledge of old wives tales with this game.

There are hundreds or old wives tales & myths out there that claim to predict what the gender of the baby will be.

You can play this game 1 of 2 ways.

The first way is to have a giant board setup. Guests can right down all of the wives tales that they know for girl vs boy.

Your second option is to print some of the wives tales games that are already available online. There are a ton of them, especially from Etsy. Just like the cute one above from Rainy Lain Designs.

Battle Of The Sexes

See who knows the most about genders. This is another game that be done 2 ways.

You can do it printable style, or you can do it interactive team style. To do this, you’ll divide your guests into guys vs girls. Then see which team gets the most questions right.

Name Vote

Using a chalkboard or dry erase board, write a list of your favorite girl names & your favorite boy names.

Then have your guests vote on their favorite.

Juice Pong

This game is similar to the concept of beer pong. Minus the beer of course. Instead, the beer is replaced with blue & pink juice.

Divide your guests into teams & see who can get the most ping pong balls into their cups.

Tip: You can use Hawaiian Punch for the color juices.

7 gender reveal games that everyone can play


There’s a traditional baby shower game that involves clothespins & baby names. But for this game clothespins will be used for guests to vote.

As they arrive have them choose either a pink or a blue clothespin. It will represent if they think it’s a girl or a boy.

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts aren’t just for kids.

Before the party starts, set up several clues throughout the party area.

When the time comes, divide your guests into different groups. Then give them each a set of clues. The final clue should end at the gender reveal area.

Here are some ideas of scavenger hunt clues:

  • Many changes of clothes a baby goes through. But after visiting here, they’ll feel brand new. (Laundry room)
  • You plant a garden with your seeds & end up picking out the____. (Weeds)
  • The prize you’re looking for is currently hiding in the place the baby will be riding. (Car seat)
  • Look for the clues but don’t get stressed. You’ll find the next where baby gets dressed. (Nursery)
  • There’s a bun in the _____(oven).

Pop The Belly

This is a twist on a classic dart game. Fill a large board with lots of empty balloons. The have your guests throw darts at the balloons to “pop the belly”.

You can get creative with your board & even draw a belly or torso around each balloon.

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Gender reveal party game ideas that all of your guests will love