Step by step on how to make your own wedding invitations.
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Wedding Invites: A Step By Step Tutorial On DIY Wedding Invitations

It’s invitation time in your world of wedding planning. Which can sometimes be overwhelming. There are so many options out there.

But depending on your budget you don’t want to get stuck in a situation where you’re spending 20% of your wedding budget just on invitations. And believe me it’s easier to get caught doing just that.

I’m raising my hand. When I first started planning my own wedding. I was stuck on Pinterest which led me to ordering samples of different invites. Which of course led me to extravagant (costly) choices.

Then I remembered I was trying to save money on my wedding. So I turned to DIY options.

Before we jump into this DIY invitation guide be sure to ask yourself a few questions.

  1. Are you a crafty person or would you rather buy a template?
  2. Do you have time to sit down & work on creating invitations?
  3. What kind of design do you really want?

Step by step wedding invitation tutorial.

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Buying A Template

Thanks to the wonderful online world, you can find a template for just about anything these days.

Especially wedding invitations.

Most templates give you the basic design & format & all you have to do is fill in your information & print.

But there are other template options as well.

Option 1: Etsy

I flat out love Etsy. And thanks to them invitations like this beauty are even easier to get your hands on. You purchase the template & leave a note with the creator stating what colors you need & your wording information. They then make the changes & send you a PDF via email for you to print. Super easy right?

Option 2: Minted

Minted is an online printing store but what sets them apart is their quality (for a great price) & their designs.

Simply choose a design then input your information. But instead of printing it yourself Minted prints & cuts them for you & sends them your way.

Making Wedding Invitations From Scratch

If you want to create something that’s uniquely you & not use a template then you’ll be starting from scratch. But don’t worry. It’s not as hard as you think.

Sites For Making Wedding Invitations

I’m a crafter at heart but I’m all about finding easier ways to create things. And making wedding invites are no different.

You can use several different sites to easily create your invitations. Here are a few of my favorites.

  1. Canva. Canva gives you access to hundreds of font options, graphics, & styles. All for free! (This is hands down my favorite tool). You can get access to more options if you upgrade to premium but what they have in their free stock is pretty amazing.
  2. PicMonkey. PicMonkey has a variety of different invitation, rsvp, & monogram templates that you can easily edit to make your own. There’s the key, even though it’s a template-everything is changeable.
  3. Adobe. Being that’s it’s been around for years you may have already heard of Adobe or already own it. Within it are 3 different programs that you can use. Illustrator, InDesign, & Photoshop. You can make designs within any of these but they are a bit more advanced & can be frustrating.

Using Graphics On Wedding Invitations

If you want to use some sort of graphic or design element on your invitations there are several sites that you can use.

What do I mean by graphics? Well, Any graphic that fits within your wedding theme. Hearts, swirls, flowers, shapes, etc.

Two of my favorites are Raw Pixel & Creative Market.

Both sites have amazing design elements. However, if you want the one stop shop for both graphics & fonts then Creative Market is the go to.

*Pro tip: Make sure to use “png” files. That will give your graphics a clear background & allow you arrange it better.

If you choose to download a “psg” file then you will need to use a program like adobe to work with the layers in that file.

24 of the best wedding invitation fonts.

The Best Fonts For Wedding Invitations

After deciding on your invitation wording it’s time to decide on the font that you want.

There are 3 basic font categories that you can choose to get you started. Script fonts, handwritten fonts, print fonts.

*Pro Tip: Use a simple print font for your wedding information portion of the invitation. That allows your guests to be able to easily read it.

If you want more font options then Creative Market has some amazing ones at very reasonable prices. Usually all under $25. I’ve even snagged font bundles for under $15!

Wedding Invitation Sizes

You need to determine first if you want square invitations, long rectangles, or somewhere in between.

Most wedding invites fall into that in between category. Those are 5″x 7”.

Square invitations are 5.25”x 5.25”.

Long rectangle invitations are 4”x 9.25”.

RSVP cards traditionally are 3.5”x 5”.

Keep in mind that it’s more expensive for mailing square invites. So if you’re trying to save the most money possible then long is the way to go.

Wedding Invitation Paper

Now it’s time to jump into the type of paper that you should use for invitations.

Word of caution before you start, do not use thin cheap paper. It will make your invitations also look thin & cheap.

You need to actually use a quality thick paper. Ideally I suggest using a minimum of 80 pound cardstock.

65 pound is doable if you’re watching your budget but don’t go any lower than that. You can go higher but keep your budget in mind. The higher the weight, the better the quality, & the higher the price.

Cardstock isn’t just the plain paper that you’re envisioning. You can buy some really nice finishes such as linen or specialty cardstock.

Printing & Cutting Wedding Invitations

You can print your invitations at home using your own ink or printer. However, depending on the amount of invitations you have to print, buying ink can quickly add it.

It can be cheaper to go to a local printing store like Staples or Kinkos instead. Plus, most printing stores will cut your invitations for you. Who doesn’t love a bonus!

If you’re cutting your invites yourself then while you can use household scissors, I don’t recommend it. Your hands will be worn out, it’s time consuming, & chances are that your lines won’t be straight.

Instead grab a simple paper cutter. You’ll be able to use it for just about anything after your wedding as well.

If you’d prefer to use scissors then make sure to use very sharp scissors like precision scissors.

*Pro Tip: Save paper by printing more than 1 invitation on a single sheet of paper.

Embellishments On Invitations

Embellishment sounds like a such a big word when it stands alone. What I mean is adding some spice to your invitations.

Here are some examples:

  • Shaped paper cutters
  • Ribbon
  • Stamps
  • Fabric
  • Lace
  • Buttons
  • Fancy tape
  • Wax paper overlays

The sky is really the limit here. But make sure that you’re not doing too much. You don’t want to crowd your invitation.

Learn how to make your own wedding invites from scratch.

Wedding Invitation Envelopes

There’s no rule that says you can’t use regular envelopes for mailing your invitations. But if you want to jazz them up, then you have a few options.


Envelope liners are a beautiful way to add style to your envelopes. You can order pre-made liners like these from Minted.

Or if you’re feeling crafty, you can learn to make your own. I found this tutorial from The Wallet Diet to be hands down the easiest.

Fancy Seals

You can use different techniques to seal your envelopes. And they’re all sure to be beautiful.

Seal them with,

  • Stickers
  • Stamps
  • Wax seals
  • Fancy tape

There are also various stylish envelopes that you can use in a variety of colors.

Mailing Wedding Invitations

Besides adding postage to your invitations you will need to address them.

The choice here is yours.

You can purchase clear frosted labels to print names & addresses.

Or you can hand write them.

If you want to hand write your invitations but are worried about not being able to write fancy. Don’t worry. Brit & Co has some phenomenal calligraphy & lettering classes.

As an added bonus, you could potentially turn your new found calligraphy talent into a side business!

Whether you decide to make your invitations from scratch or order a template remember to make them uniquely you!

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A step by step guide into making your own wedding invitations from scratch.