Easily make gorgeous tissue paper numbers in just a few easy steps.

Beautiful & Easy DIY Tissue Paper Numbers

I don’t know about you but I love an easy craft that only requires a few things to make. Just like this tissue paper number.

It literally only needs 7 supplies. Yes 7. Unless you want to include a bottle of wine as a supply. I think I just might actually.

I used to play around with making tissue paper paper flowers a lot & then I started to see them everywhere. So I jumped to giant paper flowers. They make a huge impact for party backdrops or simple decor.

Then I started thinking what can I do for a centerpiece at my daughter’s Scooby Doo party. Flower numbers!

And since I’m all about pops of color, I decided to make it ombré.

One of the perks about this particular craft is that it can be done for around $8 or less! That’s an awesome way to have a party on a budget.

I’ll walk you through how to make it. It takes a bit of time, maybe an hour or two, depending on how big your number is or if you have more than one.

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*If you’ll be applying your number to a wall then you can use cardboard to make you number instead. If not then stick with styrofoam. It will help it to stand & handle the weight of the flowers.

To Make Small Tissue Paper Flowers


  • 4 sheets of tissue paper
  • Beading wire (if you don’t have beading wire, you can use a stapler, pipe cleaner, or ribbon)
  • Scissors

Step 1

Lay out 4 sheets of tissue paper stacked together. How to make an easy tissue paper flower.

Step 2

Fold them in half & cut along the fold. This will give you 8 sheets of paper. For large flowers I suggest using 8 sheets of paper. If you are putting together a smaller flower, then you can use 4 sheets.

Step 3 How to make an easy tissue paper flower.

Now fold your stacked tissue paper into an accordion. You do this by folding your paper about 1″ in & then flipping it over & folding it in again about 1″.

Continue until it’s all folded. Make sure the folds are creased.

Step 4 How to make an easy tissue paper flower.

Cut a strip of beading wire. Pin point the middle of the accordion fold. Then tie the wire tightly around it.

*If you don’t have beading wire you can use a pipe cleaner, ribbon, or simply staple the center.

Step 4 How to make an easy tissue paper flower.

Decide on what type of flower you want. For example a pointed tip cut is a daisy and a large rounded tip is a poppy.

Cut each end into the shape that you want.

Step 5 How to make an easy tissue paper flower.

Now to “fluff” the flower. Gently pull apart each piece of tissue paper on both sides.

How to make an easy tissue paper flower.

To Make Tissue Paper Flower Numbers

Step 1

Start by drawing the shape of your number onto the board. It’s best to draw it in pencil that way if you mess up, you can just erase it.

Simple tissue paper flower tutorial

Step 2

Using your x-acto knife, cut out the number.

*Pro tip: Make sure to apply pressure on the rubber grip of the knife. It will help to steady the blade & keep you from hurting your hand.

If your edges get a little messed up, it’s ok. You’re about to cover them up with flowers. You just need to have the basic number shape.

Step 3

Now it’s time to apply your flowers.

Starting with one color only, apply hot glue to the bottom of the number & then stick on a flower.

Continue until you’ve used all the same color.

Easy tissue paper flower decor tutorial

*Side note: Please ignore the shadows in the picture. This mommy has to sneakily craft in the middle of the night sometimes.

Step 2

Keep going until you’ve used all your desired color paper flowers.

That’s it!

I’m not kidding, that’s all it takes to make a beautiful party prop & all on a party budget! You can also do this with letters as well.



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This tutorial walks you through how to easily make a tissue paper flower number