Save yourself money on party decor with your own DIY balloon tower

Easily Make A No Fail Balloon Tower In Under 30 Minutes

How many times do we go to a huge event or even a party store & see a balloon tower?

I think I’ve lost count. I was determined to figure out how to make them. Mainly because I’m too frugal to pay $200 for something that will last 1 day.

Don’t get me wrong, I love hosting events & decorating but I’m a firm believer of throwing parties on a budget.

After many tries, I finally nailed it!

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The best part?

You can make every party look like you’ve spent a fortune, when actually these balloon towers can be made under $20.

Create them for:

Here’s what you need:

**I suggest using a balloon pump for 2 reasons. To save time & prevent burn out before even truly starting. Making an 8 row balloon tower takes 32 balloons. That takes a while to blow up by mouth. Save your cheeks!

This balloon pump has never failed me & it’s super budget friendly.

Step 1

To start you will need to make a weight so that your tower won’t fall over.

Fill an balloon with water & then knot it. Knot one end of the curling ribbon to the weight.

*You can also fill the balloon weight with other heavy items such as flour, beans, or use a regular balloon weight.

Step 2

Blow up your balloons to the desired size. Using a balloon pump will make sure that all of your balloons are the same size.

And so that you don’t end up passing out from blowing up a million balloons. You will need 4 balloons for each row of your tower.

Go ahead & blow up all of your balloons that you will need.

**If you want to make a spiral balloon tower then you will connect 1 of each color together.

Step 3

Step By Step DIY Balloon Tower Tutorial

Tie the balloons together in sets of 2.

Step 4

Take 2 sets of the tied balloons & twist them together. The end result will look like a 4 leaf clover

Step 5Step By Step DIY Balloon Tower Tutorial

Add the weighted balloon & ribbon to the 1st row of balloons by wrapping the ribbon around the center of the balloons. You don’t have to go around each balloon, but circle at least 2.

Step 6

Step By Step DIY Balloon Tower Tutorial

Keep adding each row of balloons by wrapping the ribbon around the center of the balloons. Make sure that you are pulling the ribbon tightly so that the balloons are snug but not so tight that you end up popping them.

**For spiral balloon towers you will tie together 4 balloons. Two balloons will be one color & the other two balloons will be another color. Then you will rotate the balloons slightly for each layer so that they continue around the tower. This will give it a swirl effect.

You don't want to miss out on making these super easy balloon towers.

To add a center balloon

You can use a helium inflated balloon or a regular balloon as the center.

Tie a ribbon to the center balloon & insert it into the middle of your tower. Take that ribbon & wrap it around several layers of balloons then tuck the ribbon in.

That’s all to it. A very easy DIY project.

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Learn how to easily make a balloon tower in under 30 minutes