20 Stunning DIY party backdrop ideas
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19 Gorgeous DIY Backdrops Ideas That You Must Have At Your Next Event

If you’re in the process of planning a party then you understand the importance of decor.

You’ve probably already found your theme & now you need some ideas on how to decorate it, what foods to go with it, & some party games.

Well I’ll be honest, the one decor element you should be focused on is your backdrop.

If you have that then everything can be either small elements or nothing at all.

Backdrops can be used for decor at any event including:

But you don’t need to spend a fortune at a fancy party store in order to get an awesome backdrop.

These DIY party backdrop ideas are so easy to make, very budget friendly, & some are even reusable.

Stick around to the bottom to learn some tips on how to hang backdrops.

DIY Backdrop Ideas

20 stunning diy party backdrop ideas


Chalkboards are a unique way to make a backdrop for your event. You can draw any design you wish as long as you have some chalk.

You can buy chalkboard paper to cover a surface with or you can use chalkboard paint to make your own chalkboard.

Tip: To avoid chalk smears on the guests & on the board, use liquid chalk markers.

19 easy diy party backdrop ideas.

Cupcake Wrappers

I had no idea that you could use cupcake wrappers to make a backdrop! But I was floored by how fantastic they turn out.

Simply fold cupcake wrappers on half & add them to ribbon, streamers, or clear fishing wire.

Or you can glue them in a pattern for a mermaid/under the sea effect.

Check out the tutorial from Hey Look.

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Paper Chain Links

I remember making paper chain links as a kid in elementary school. They’re super easy to make (usually under 5 minutes) & how cool does the finished product look?!

Floridian Social gave their party a beautiful summery look with just paper links. I love love love easy backdrops like this.

19 fun diy photo backdrop ideas.


Let’s talk balloons. Balloons are extremely affordable & very versatile.

When I say versatile I do mean it. Here’s a list of my top 7 balloon backdrops that you can do. But the list goes on & on.

  • Balloon heart
  • Balloon tower
  • Balloon arch
  • Ombré balloon wall
  • Floating balloons
  • Balloon numbers

Balloons are just fun to work with. Like the picture above from Oh Happy Day. You can tell that party was going to be a hit. The balloons tell it all.

19 super easy diy photo backdrops.

String Lights

String lights add charm to any decoration. Not just for Christmas.

You can drape tulle in front of them for an instant romantic feel. Or use them for additional light to outdoor parties.

You can also pair them with other backdrops like how Hand Maker Of Things paired the string lights with strips of ribbon & lace.

19 awesome diy photo backdrop ideas

Wrapping Paper

Who said that wrapping paper was just for gifts. Find large sheets of wrapping paper & apply them to the wall for instant decoration.

Get the tutorial at Celebrate Every Day With Me here.

19 easy DIY photo backdrop ideas.


Tassel aren’t just for graduation or pillows. You can use them to make unique fun party backdrops too. Like this beautiful one from Apartment 34.

Hanging Frames

Frames are easy to work with & are absolutely stunning. And all it takes is a few empty picture frames.

20 amazing photo backdrop ideas.


Who knew that simple wooden pallets & greenery could make such an awesome backdrop?! You can see how they did it with the Wedding Chicks.

Giant Flowers

Giant flowers are a trend that’s growing bigger & bigger. And there’s a reason. They’re gorgeous!

You can use these flowers to make an entire wall of flowers, they can be stand alone, or you can even use them as bouquets.

20 stunning diy backdrop ideas

Flower Garland

Tie together artificial or paper flowers with clear fishing wire to achieve this whimsical look.

20 stunning diy backdrop ideas.

Ombré Tissue Paper

Ombré is a beautiful way to add color to your event (& hair). Using large amounts of tissue paper to create the look is sure to give your party a huge wow factor.

Grab your tutorial on how to make this awesome backdrop with Lovely Indeed.

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Metallic Fringe

Give some shine to your backdrop with this awesome metallic fringe idea. This chic idea is especially great for holiday parties like this New Year’s party by A Side Of Sweet.

19 beautiful diy photo backdrops

Ribbon & Lace

Cut of strips of ribbon & lace are all you need to make this gorgeous backdrop. Check out the easy tutorial from Hand Maker Of Things.

20 stunning party backdrop ideas.

Fabric Backdrop

Visit your local fabric store for a backdrop haven. Pick your style, texture, & color of fabric then cut a panel large enough for your backdrop. You can even cut it into strips like in those photo above with this tutorial from Two Twenty One.

20 stunning photo backdrop ideas

Paper Fan

Making fan out of paper is a creative & beautiful way to make a splash in your party decor. This easy tutorial from Dash of Grace will walk you through how to easily make these beautiful fans.

20 beautiful party backdrop ideas.

Paper Plates

Who knew that paper plates could be used for more than just eating on. These plate backdrops are unique & a bargain!

Alicia from Spark & Chemistry will show you how to set up your own paper plate back drop in her tutorial here.

20 party backdrop ideas

Hanging Confetti

Paper circles & clear fishing line is all you need to make this fun backdrop. You can learn how to make them over at Studio DIY.

20 stunning party backdrop ideas.


Use nothing but greenery (real or fake) to create a backdrop. Simple greenery is especially great if you know your props or guest attire will be colorful. Check out the tutorial from Almost Makes Perfect.

18 beautiful DIY backdrops

Paper Patterns

Clear fishing wire & paper cut into different shapes with different color can make an out of this world backdrop.

Check out this chevron paper paper by The Glitter Guide.

How To Hang A Backdrop

It’s not just enough to make a backdrop. You have to be able to hang it up too.

Before you decide on how you’re going to hang it up, check with your venue to see about any decorating restrictions that they may have.

Rods & Command Hooks

If you have a backdrop that’s going to hang like garland or even paper then I suggest using rods & command hooks.

Place 1 command hook equal distance apart from each other at your desired height. Then insert a thin wood rod. Then you just add your decor.

18 amazing photo backdrop ideas.

PVC Pipe Stand

With this simple tutorial from Dandelions On The Wall you can build a stand out of PVC pipe to hold your backdrop.

Masking Tape

It doesn’t get any easier than to simply use masking tape on top top (where people can’t see) or behind your backdrop.

Whichever route you decide to go. Back sure that you get wrinkles out of any paper or fabric to give it a seamless look.

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20 amazing DIY party backdrop ideas