Easy Diaper Cake tutorial

Make A Fabulous Diaper Cake In Just 5 Simple Steps

It something about baby showers that bring out the “cutesy” (is that a word) side of me.

Whenever I get to throw one I want it to be a unique shower. The same goes with my baby shower gifts.

So if you’re like my and want a total wow factor for the mom to be, the you want a diaper cake.

Don’t get intimidated by the thought of making one. If you have diapers & rubber bands then you can make one.

Important To Decide Before Starting

Before you start you’ll need consider the type of diapers that you’ll use. If you’re just using it as a centerpiece that’ll toss out later then you can use any cheaper diaper.

If you’re giving it to the mom to be after as a gift or after the shower, then using the diaper brand she will be using is the way to go.

Mainly because the diapers can be used after the fact! Talk about an amazing bonus!

If you don’t know what type of diapers mom will be using & you want to keep it a surprise then go with the Pampers brand. They’re the go to diaper, even for hospitals.

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Diaper Cake Supplies

  • 1 large cake pan or bowl
  • 1 medium cake pan or bowl
  • 1 small cake pan or bowl
  • 75-100 size 1 diapers
  • 3 large rubber bands
  • 1 10″ or longer craft roll*

*If you don’t have a craft roll on hand, you can order it from Amazon (of course). Or you can use either an empty paper towel roll then or a long piece of the inside of a gift paper roll.

Making The Diaper Cake

This tutorial is for making a flat style diaper cake. If you like the look of a rolled diaper cake instead then head down to the bottom of the page.

Step 1

DIY diaper cake

Grab your large cake pan. Then proceed to stack your diapers together in a vertical pattern.

Continue until you’ve filled our pan.

Step 2

DIY baby shower diaper cake tutorial

Insert your paper towel roll into the center. Adjust the diapers to make sure that the roll is actually centered. 

Then add your rubber band to the outside of the diapers to hold them together.

You can then take your diaper roll out of the pan.

Step 3

Using your medium pan repeat the same process from steps 1 & 2.

Step 4

Easy DIY diaper cake tutorial

Now, using your smaller pan you’ll repeat steps 1 & 2.

That’s it! Now you have the basic framework for Diaper Cake. It’s time to move on to your design.

Designing Your Diaper Cake

No diaper cake is complete without decoration. And the sky is the limit with your decor ideas.

Here are some supply ideas for decorating diaper cakes to get you started.

Voila! You now have an amazing diaper cake.

DIY diaper cake tutorial

Here’s a bonus for you!

Rolled Diaper Cake

If you like the look of a diaper cake with rolled diapers instead then I’ll show you how to do it.

All of the steps are almost the same as above except for step 1.

Instead of layering each diaper you’ll be rolling each one individually.

Learn how to easily make a rolled diaper cake in this tutorial

Flip the diaper over so that the front of the diaper is face down. Then starting at the top of the diaper, roll then tight & secure it tight with a small rubber band.

Continue until all the diapers are rolled.

Now you will keep going through steps 2-4 & then decorate.

And done! You’ll have a diaper cake that sure to wow the baby shower party goers!

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