10 fun bridal shower game ideas.
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10 Non-Raunchy Bridal Shower Games

It’s bridal shower time! Let the fun begin.

As a host you’ve already got the shower theme done, the backdrop set up, & the invites are sent.

But what about the fun? You can’t just have your guests comes in, eat, & leave.

You have to have some activity. And these bridal games are sure to be a hit with every guest.

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Gift Bingo

This game is simple. First,print out blank bingo sheets.

Then before it’s time for the bride to be to open gifts, have the guests fill in their squares with gifts they think she’ll receive.

As she opens the gifts they will mark them off. First one with BINGO wins.

You can make up your own bingo cards on a program like PicMonkey or you can get a printable template from Etsy like these adorable ones.

10 fun bridal shower games

Wedding Ring Toss

Grab some empty glass soda or wine bottles for this fun ring toss. 

Use large metal rings & have guests toss the “wedding rings” onto the bottles.

This awesome tutorial by Beau Coup using wire, bottles, & simple spray paint to make the fun bottles above. Or if you’re not feeling crafty, you can buy a bridal ring toss set from Etsy. 

Either way this game is sure to get your guests moving.

Fun, safe bridal shower games that everyone can enjoy.

Guess That Quote

Compile a list of romantic movie quotes & have your guests figure out which movie they came from. The person with the most correct wins.

Of course, if you don’t want to make it yourself, Etsy is always a great option. I love the different quote game options from Graphic Wisp Prints.

Wedding Vows

This game is done mad-libs style. Have each guest write the vows for the bride & groom. Then take turns reading some of them out loud.

They’re sure to be hilarious.

10 bridal shower games that your guests are sure to love.

Musical Bouquet

This game is a mix of musical chairs & hot potato except with a bouquet of flowers.

Put all of your guests in a circle then when the music starts they’ll begin passing the bouquet around. When the music stops they person holding the bouquet is out.

Keep going until only 1 person is left standing.

Put A Ring On It

Just like the classic clothespin baby shower game this ring game stops people from saying certain words.

As your guests enter the party give them a plastic engagement ring. Then give them a word or two that they can’t say during the party like wedding or bride.

If they say the word then the person who hears them gets their ring. The person with the most rings at the end wins.

Bridal shower games that you're guests will want to play

What’s In The Bag

Fill a bag with items that a bride would need on her honeymoon. Then pass the bag around & let each guest feel around it in without looking.

Then the must write down everything that they think is in the bag.

Wedding Pictionary

This is just like regular Pictionary except wedding style.

Make a list of wedding related words & have the guests take turns drawing & guessing what they are.

10 non-raunchy bridal shower games

The Wedding Dress Game

Split your guests into teams. Give each team a roll of toilet paper, some ribbon, & some bows.

Give them 5-10 minutes to make a wedding dress & veil.

For full directions & more ideas on this game, check out The Hen Planner.

Be sure to take lots of pictures of this fun game.

He Said, She Said

Pass out sheets of paper & a pen for guests to write on. You can either have them split the page for “he said she said” or you can have it pre-written.

Then call out a scenario & guests have to decide who said or did it.

Here’s some examples:

  • _______was the first to reach for a kiss.
  • _______ said I love you first
  • _______ is the messiest

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10 fun bridal shower games that aren't crude.