15 baby shower games that your guests will thank you for playing
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15 Baby Shower Games You’re Guests Will Thank You For Playing

My favorite part of any baby shower, is the games! They are so fun!

Although, when it’s time to plan a unique baby shower I can never remember all of the games that I’ve played. And sometimes it’s hard to find a good list of games that are all in one place. So I’ve gathered a list of the best baby shower games.

Set The Timer Timer game

This one is really simple. While opening gifts, set a timer. Whenever the timer goes off, the person who has given the gift that the mom is opening is the winner.

Pee In A Cup

This game is hilarious to watch. Split the guests into teams. Give them each 2 balloons that they will share. After they blow up the balloon, each guest will have to put the balloon under their shirt-like they’re pregnant. Then give each team a ping pong ball. On the opposite side of the room, place a empty bucket or cup. The goal of the game is to have each “pregnant” guest walk to the cup while holding the ping pong ball between their legs. Their objective is to get the ball in the cup. Like they’re peeing in a cup. First team to have all the “pregnant” people pee in a cup, wins!

Water Break

Before the shower freeze tiny baby figures in ice. Then when you’re ready to play, put each baby in a cup & give it to the guests. First person to have their “water break” & free the baby wins! It’s your choice but I would suggest not allowing them to use their mouths.

Clothespin Game

Clothespin baby game

This one is a true classic. You give every guest a clothespin when they come in. The rules are simple. For the entire shower you can’t say a certain word or 2. Typically use the baby’s name or the words boy or girl. If the guest says it & another guest hears it, then they can take their pin. The one with the most pins at the end of the shower wins the game.

Belly Measure

Use ribbon, string, or this cute measuring tape & have each guest cut it to the length they think the mommy to be’s belly is. Then measure the mom & see who came the closest.

Nursery Rhyme Challenge

This one is a printable. Have the guests fill in the missing words to classic nursery rhymes.

Baby Bingo

Another printable. Pass these sheets out right before gift opening. Have them fill out each block with 1 item they think the mom will get. Then they mark it off as the gifts are being opened. First person with bingo wins!

Edible Diaper

Baby Shower diaper game

Fill diapers with random melted candy. Then have each guest sniff it to see if they can guess the right type of candy. The person with the most right answers wins.

Drink The Bottle Baby Bottles

This one is super simple. Pick 4 guests to play this game. Fill 4 empty baby bottles with juice. Then have the guests race to finish the bottles.

Baby Food Guessing Game

Buy several jars of baby food. Write down what type of food each jar is & remove the labels. Be sure to number each jar so that you will know which is which. Then have each guest taste the baby food & guess what each one is. The person with the most right answers wins.

Diaper Basketball

This one is great for co-ed showers. Pour a little water into some diapers & close them up. Then have guests compete to see how many diaper “basketballs” they can throw into an empty trash can. You can find cheap diapers at the dollar tree.

Pass The Gift Baby Shower pass the gift game

Use one of the prizes that you have for the shower to pass around. Every time the mommy to be opens a present the gift gets passed. When all the presents are done, the person holding the prize wins. You can even make it more of a challenge & only pass the prize when a certain themed item is given. The themes can range from gender color to nursery theme to diapers & everything in between.

Blindfolded Block Building

Pick 2-3 guests to play this game or split the guests into teams. Either way the builder or builders must be blindfolded. The object of the game is to have the “builder” make the tallest tower they can with blocks while blindfolded. Set a timer & the once it ends, the tallest tower wins!

Guess The Safety Pins

Fill a jar with rice & safety pins. At the beginning of the shower have the guests write down how many safety pins they think are in the jar. The one with the closest answer wins.

What’s In The Bag

What's in the bag baby game

Fill a bag with at least 10 items that you would find in a diaper bag. Ideas include teething rings, wipes, diapers, butt paste, bibs, or bottles. Then give each guest 1 minute to feel around in the bag. Each person must write down what they think they felt. The person with the most correct answers wins. After the shower, give the mommy to be the bag as a bonus gift!

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15 baby shower game ideas that you must play.